First things first.

This blog is the prerogative of myself and the Lady Moor…of which, I mean all opinions here stated are mine (and hers) and no other.

Just so you know who you’re dealing with here…my name online is Loki. I don’t like ranking people, I don’t like Pepsi products, and live outside the US. I’m a writer – of stories…since I was tiny I’ve done it. I’ve finally managed to get an agent and I’ll never say who. But suffice that I am on my way on a path that I have longed for for ages.

I’ve had to learn patience through my life and it wasn’t easy..but I must say it holds me in good stead now that I am getting along. Because the book business is all about hurry up and wait. Wait wait wait.

So I wait. And wait. It seems like right now my whole life is waiting. I’m writing new things in the meantime, and just trying to enjoy the moments, but sometimes that just bites.


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