Bits and pieces

You have a question? Ask away. But know this – I’m going to tell you the truth, however painful it is to hear. And I’m not going to soften it down, either. I used to not be like that, but this place has had its influence on me too, and so I am blunt. It’s my opinion, though. If you ask me, know you’re getting MY opinion.

This is my (our) little corner of anonymous blog space in the world. Where we feel free to do whatever. So don’t expect too much information on where/what/when/who. This is where our little Drachen (dragon) selves come out to play, free to dance under the moon. That is this blog. Dancing.

In a way, it’s freeing, you know. Being relatively well known in certain circles, and then coming here to nothing and nobody. It’s actually a very nice feeling.


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  1. ladymoor Said:

    We wax and wane with the phases of the moon. So beware, you never know what you just might get.

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