This year is it. I’m starting to study the runes. I’ve put off for a long time the fascination I have had with them. I was a pagan long before I knew exactly what that was (courtesy of a Catholic upbringing) and once in university I allowed myself to go free rein…when I received my first and second level Reiki I moved away for awhile, as I had been contacted by Ganesha during the initiation, who helped me learn the fine art of meditation and chanting. But it just inevitably comes back to pagan things.

Runes figure prominently in a new area of my life and I’m insistent on learning what I can from them. For some reason they seem to call out to me and promise their assistance to help me look ahead.

So in honor of this, I just buckled down and bought a pewter set of runes. I am and always have been a magpie – I love shiny things. None of the gemstones or woods I found really called to me, and then I saw these. And knew. They were IT.

So they fly their way to me, and I order books to learn and study, and I want to practice on hoomans. Where you all come in.

LM, what about you? Going to whip out your tarot skills?


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  1. ladymoor Said:

    I will read for those who wish me to.

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