New Runes

I have them in my little hand. They are not the ‘standard’ sort of runes – those being either wood or semi-precious gems. 


These runes are pewter, and 25 little glints of silver in my hand when I play with them. I love them already; my little magpie self is well pleased. 

One rune jumped out at me (and actually fell on the floor) when I first opened the bag…Othel. 

“This is the rune of possessions. OTHEL represents those items that you have or will aquire. often represents that which you have inherited, including property, possessions and character traits. This rune represents someone inspired. This rune can mean help from older people or old friends. Overall, OTHEL represents property and legacies.”


So I’m shedding an old skin to fully accept what I am. And I think that is lovely.


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