A Theft- Twilight

As a writer, I collect and store bits of information. A shard here, a snip there. I am particularly fond of collecting book title names. Several years ago, I heard a rumour about a new book. I smiled at the name, my book’s name, and shook my head. Surely it would achieve a small measure of success, but my book, still unwritten, would become THE Twilight. Time passed and the book became more well-known. Fine, I can still keep Twilight in the title, add an adjective, convert it to a phrase. Here we are today and any use of the word would be thievery, a corruption of the perfection of this one-word title.

I dare to ask what was the source of that Twilight’s title? A sentence perhaps, a clever line? Mine, and yes I am smiling self-satisfactorily, comes from Wagner’s Twilight of the Gods and Yeats’ Celtic Twilight. Inspiration, not thievery, was the reason I chose the name. And now? What would become of my book if I still used that title, in any form? Do I dare? Do I dare disturb the universe? What do you think Mr. Eliot?


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  1. runicriter Said:

    Hm…interesting thought. She’s never said where she got the title from, although the idea came in a dream.

    Mr. Elliot is likely spinning in his grave. 🙂

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