Grey mornings…

… are made for writing. 

You can sit and stare, enjoying the nondescript world as you create yours over it. You can enjoy the slight overcast colors against your wall. It’s an excellent time to treat yourself to hot chocolate with cream, cinnamon and vanilla. 

Time is winding down to Yule, and how about this Christmas thing, eh? I was at the store last night and the place had exploded with fake red gnomes, dangerous tilted reindeer, and enough sparkles to drive even Edward blind. 

I’ve got everyone on my list except for a few, and for those few I am stumped. 

I think, that this year I am to the point where I don’t need anything. I have everything I need. I have almost everything I want, too. Except a book deal, and to have that I need to have my revision notes from my AGENT. *sigh*

Okay, strike that. I have one thing I need : PATIENCE.


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  1. ladymoor Said:

    And someday you may be wiling to share some of your patience with me.

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