To TV or not to TV?

I come across more and more people who boast, “I don’t watch television, why, I don’t even own a television.” My question to them is, “Oh! So, you’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy or CSI?” Their response, “Of course I have. We buy it on DVD and watch it on our computer.” “Interesting, what about the news?” “Live streaming on our computer.”

And that’s different why? How? So am I just a base, grunting troll because I watch television? And, horror of horrors, my child also watches television. Call the police and have me arrested for injecting pop culture without a prescription.

What’s the deal? Why is someone who watches TV shows, the news, reads the newspaper online better than someone who watches it direct from television? Are they kidding themselves? Do they really belive they’re better than those who watch?

I’ve become so paranoid that I avoid talking with other parents about my child’s TV habits. My husband is the object of my warning looks when the subject comes up. It’s ridiculous. And the fact that we let it bother us is even more so.

I know other people who don’t watch TV and they’re not boastful or condescending, but that my friends is the minority.


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  1. runicriter Said:

    welp, I think probably it has something to do with where we live. But you’re right – it is rude. And I do think they think they’re better.

    LOL And if you live stream the news and watch on DVD it’s still telly.

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