Warning: This is not a post without cursing. Please adjust your monitors appropriately.





What a piece of shit week.

Things I could have been doing instead of schlepping ungrateful fucks around this last week:

–  Spend “quality” time with those IMPORTANT to me
–  Take off the days and just be with myself and those IMPORTANT to me
– Eat banana bread

Can you tell? Jeez I have about had it with this last week. I don’t understand why, but I am so incredibly depressed from this “holiday” (said in the loosest terms possible) I know that I choose how I review it, but when you sit (for an example) in a car for SIX effing hours and the only conversation is between you and your honey and the people you’ve gone to all the trouble to shepherd around sit like mothafucking lumps in the back of the car AND DO NOT SPEAK I swear. I SWEAR.

Let them go, and I hope I never have to see them again. EVER. I’m cool with it. I had such high hopes for this holiday and they all just bit me in my ass.


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