Dear Universe

I don’t want a lot. I know sometimes it may seem like it, but I’m really an easy to please girl. How about we make a deal? You help me with a couple of things and I promise to add more positive energy to the world.  Here are my couple of things:

– Take care of my husband. He’s having a tough time with a certain health issue, and it’s wearing him down. He needs some good news.

– Help my mom find the strength to leave him. It’s twenty years overdue.

– A certain friend is deserving of something she wants more than her own breath. Make the seeds in her fruit extra fertile and strong.

For me, just to see those I love happy and healthy. Oh, and to figure out how to make this book rock.

What will I do in return? How about random acts of kindness, express my gratitude more and respect the world around me? I think that’s a good start. So, do we have a deal?


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  1. jkb Said:

    amen, sistah.

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