Rant: ON – Why you should comment on my blog comment

You know what gets me?

I comment on a lot of people’s blogs. I mean, I don’t expect comments back from editor blogs, agent blogs or the like. But, (and I might get reaaaaal pissy here) when I find an author that just got a debut sold, and I comment a couple times on her blog (with intelligent/witty reparte) and then not once, not ONCE do I get ANYTHING back, it makes me NEVER WANT TO BUY HER BOOK.

Do you hear me? NEVER. And I’ll be certain to recommend anyone I know NEVER TO BUY HER BOOK. 

The internet community is a funny thing. Some places (particular writer places) it takes FOREVER to get into their little clicque, and I really really hate that. I’m not saying I need a love letter, or even anything more than a short “thanks for stopping by my blog” comment, because I don’t. 

But if I have enough grace to stop by and tell you congrats, or make another comment, then by all the gods and little fishes have the balls to come see mine. I will be a debut writer one day, and who knows, I might beat the smarmy pants off your cellulite ass in sales and then who’s the one that’s sorry?

So just comment on my effing blog, man. I took the time for you.

/rant OFF


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