Dear Universe

Thank you. My husband’s health issue has taken a break so we’re okay for three months. My mom said she’d kick out stepdad if I want to come for a visit and I’ve had a breakthrough on the revisions. You’ve given almost all I’ve asked for.

And a bit more. Clarity. Working through all these issues has made me appreciate all those I love and care for. I understand that sometimes we have to make breaks, even if it hurts us deeply. Life is all about moving forward and unfortunately not everyone comes with us.

I’ve kept good on my promise. I’ve been more kind, told those who’ve helped me directly or inadvertently ‘thank you.” I think I’ve made some people smile.

Okay, you’ll be hearing from me soon. It’s almost time to sub.

Hugs and kisses,


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  1. Runicriter Said:

    Yeah, that other bit you asked for = massive FAIL.


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