Just shattered

I’m not a girl that gives up easily. I’m a fighter, and I’m proud of that.

But over the weekend I had the laraopscopy to see if something was wrong with my girl bits and it turns out I had endometriosis.

Not crippling, right?

I didn’t read the paperwork he sent home with me, instead choosing over the weekend to sleep and heal and spend time with the husband.

And then I started reading about endometriosis on the net. It didn’t sound like it would break me, right…Stages 1,2,3 were totally doable with IVF, I read. Only the Stage 4 was just about impossible. So don’t worry, I thought, I can do this. And felt positive.

And then this morning early I read the report, just to make sure I knew what was happening ‘in my belly’.

I have Stage 4.

And I feel my life crashing down over my ears.

I don’t know what to do…hopefully the girl doctor will be able to shed some light when I see her tomorrow.


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