Agentfail and Queryfail

In my august and just opinion, this is a fucking tempest in a teapot. For crying out loud… I mean, don’t we *all* have better things to do than sit around and bitch abt this sort of shit?

Oh, I don’t know, like writing books, writing and sending queries, and frakking selling the books on the agent’s side?

Agents: so you let your tail get up over your back because a whole bunch of eejits are whinging that you didn’t pick them?

And writers: you are whinging that an agent didn’t pick you?

Eff me. Here’s a newsflash, writers: if nobody picked you, consider the fact that the entire lit world is fucking subjective, grow a pair, write a new book, make sure you’re query’s golden, and try again.

For the love of the gods.

Agents: Don’t let angry agents that are not successful whip you up into a froth! *shakes head*

Do we really have to go over this? Spare me!


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