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My Cliff

You know that feeling you get when you need to scream, yell, vent without anyone hearing? Well, that’s this blog for me. Unfortunately, all of the people I have issues with can follow my trail online. This space is the only place I can be alone. This space is the only place where I can scream, yell, vent over a cliff.

My problem right now: self-absorbed people. I know that this is how it always was, but when did it become who this person is? And I know they don’t even see it. I mean, how can an intelligent person be so dense? Those annoying habits you can excuse, the small changes as people get older are accepted, but this is a complete different person. And I don’t know, if I met this person today, I really don’t think I’d like them. And that makes me sad.


Empty Gestures and Evasions

I believe I’m a tolerant person. I do my best not to judge others, to practice acts of kindness, to always believe the best in people and situations. However, I cannot¬†tolerate empty gestures. Those that people make when they know that you will refuse and they feel better because they made the offer.¬† I cannot tolerate when people are dishonest with me. I’m not talking about lies meant to deceive and hurt, but those evasive comments and you find out what they told you wasn’t the entire truth.

But what can I do? I know these things and hold them tight, try to brush them off into nothing. More than that I can’t do because I will not become an angry, suspicious person. So I evade.