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Agentfail and Queryfail

In my august and just opinion, this is a fucking tempest in a teapot. For crying out loud… I mean, don’t we *all* have better things to do than sit around and bitch abt this sort of shit?

Oh, I don’t know, like writing books, writing and sending queries, and frakking selling the books on the agent’s side?

Agents: so you let your tail get up over your back because a whole bunch of eejits are whinging that you didn’t pick them?

And writers: you are whinging that an agent didn’t pick you?

Eff me. Here’s a newsflash, writers: if nobody picked you, consider the fact that the entire lit world is fucking subjective, grow a pair, write a new book, make sure you’re query’s golden, and try again.

For the love of the gods.

Agents: Don’t let angry agents that are not successful whip you up into a froth! *shakes head*

Do we really have to go over this? Spare me!


Just shattered

I’m not a girl that gives up easily. I’m a fighter, and I’m proud of that.

But over the weekend I had the laraopscopy to see if something was wrong with my girl bits and it turns out I had endometriosis.

Not crippling, right?

I didn’t read the paperwork he sent home with me, instead choosing over the weekend to sleep and heal and spend time with the husband.

And then I started reading about endometriosis on the net. It didn’t sound like it would break me, right…Stages 1,2,3 were totally doable with IVF, I read. Only the Stage 4 was just about impossible. So don’t worry, I thought, I can do this. And felt positive.

And then this morning early I read the report, just to make sure I knew what was happening ‘in my belly’.

I have Stage 4.

And I feel my life crashing down over my ears.

I don’t know what to do…hopefully the girl doctor will be able to shed some light when I see her tomorrow.

Sorry all…

I’ve been somewhat out of commission for awhile now. I’m sorry. 

Mostly because I’m in the depths of submissions hell. And there’s no end in sight. 

So if you spare a thought my way, can you please send me some “get a publishing contract” power? I need it.

At wit’s end

My life has become a vicious waiting, guessing cycle. I send an e-mail, wait for a response, hypothesize about why I may not be hearing back. This has seeped into all areas of my life. Pre-school, friends, agent, etc. I can’t blame technology b/c it’s no different than leaving a message on someone’s answering machine or writing a letter. Maybe it is technology. Everything is so fast we’ve raised our expectations to minute long responses.

I’m tired of watching the clock, calculating time zones and I’m so tired of waiting. I should be using the time to do something productive. I need a paradigm shift. I think I’ll start today otherwise I’m just letting precious life moments pass by.


The serpent will come from the hole
On the brown Day of Bride,
Though there should be three feet of snow
On the flat surface of the ground.



So please, can you send me a nice fat auction for a publishing deal? 

Universe? Huh, can you?

Many thanks. 



The Green Man



I’ve always been fascinated by the Green Man. In our lives today, there aren’t many tangible representations of deities and those we do have or that are found are summarily dismissed as the musings of an infirm mind. Yet, the Green Man is found in many places, whether naturally made or man made. Is he a sign of fertility or a symbol of a forgotten time when Nature was central to our lives? I have no definitive answer. I just enjoy seeing his image carved into churches, hung in gardens and oh when you can find him in the forest; it doesn’t get better than that.

Dear Universe

Thank you. My husband’s health issue has taken a break so we’re okay for three months. My mom said she’d kick out stepdad if I want to come for a visit and I’ve had a breakthrough on the revisions. You’ve given almost all I’ve asked for.

And a bit more. Clarity. Working through all these issues has made me appreciate all those I love and care for. I understand that sometimes we have to make breaks, even if it hurts us deeply. Life is all about moving forward and unfortunately not everyone comes with us.

I’ve kept good on my promise. I’ve been more kind, told those who’ve helped me directly or inadvertently ‘thank you.” I think I’ve made some people smile.

Okay, you’ll be hearing from me soon. It’s almost time to sub.

Hugs and kisses,

Rant: ON – Why you should comment on my blog comment

You know what gets me?

I comment on a lot of people’s blogs. I mean, I don’t expect comments back from editor blogs, agent blogs or the like. But, (and I might get reaaaaal pissy here) when I find an author that just got a debut sold, and I comment a couple times on her blog (with intelligent/witty reparte) and then not once, not ONCE do I get ANYTHING back, it makes me NEVER WANT TO BUY HER BOOK.

Do you hear me? NEVER. And I’ll be certain to recommend anyone I know NEVER TO BUY HER BOOK. 

The internet community is a funny thing. Some places (particular writer places) it takes FOREVER to get into their little clicque, and I really really hate that. I’m not saying I need a love letter, or even anything more than a short “thanks for stopping by my blog” comment, because I don’t. 

But if I have enough grace to stop by and tell you congrats, or make another comment, then by all the gods and little fishes have the balls to come see mine. I will be a debut writer one day, and who knows, I might beat the smarmy pants off your cellulite ass in sales and then who’s the one that’s sorry?

So just comment on my effing blog, man. I took the time for you.

/rant OFF


…for the sparse posting. The LM and I have been insane busy this last couple weeks, what with everything, so we’ll be back soon. 



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