Dear Universe

Thank you. My husband’s health issue has taken a break so we’re okay for three months. My mom said she’d kick out stepdad if I want to come for a visit and I’ve had a breakthrough on the revisions. You’ve given almost all I’ve asked for.

And a bit more. Clarity. Working through all these issues has made me appreciate all those I love and care for. I understand that sometimes we have to make breaks, even if it hurts us deeply. Life is all about moving forward and unfortunately not everyone comes with us.

I’ve kept good on my promise. I’ve been more kind, told those who’ve helped me directly or inadvertently ‘thank you.” I think I’ve made some people smile.

Okay, you’ll be hearing from me soon. It’s almost time to sub.

Hugs and kisses,


Rant: ON – Why you should comment on my blog comment

You know what gets me?

I comment on a lot of people’s blogs. I mean, I don’t expect comments back from editor blogs, agent blogs or the like. But, (and I might get reaaaaal pissy here) when I find an author that just got a debut sold, and I comment a couple times on her blog (with intelligent/witty reparte) and then not once, not ONCE do I get ANYTHING back, it makes me NEVER WANT TO BUY HER BOOK.

Do you hear me? NEVER. And I’ll be certain to recommend anyone I know NEVER TO BUY HER BOOK. 

The internet community is a funny thing. Some places (particular writer places) it takes FOREVER to get into their little clicque, and I really really hate that. I’m not saying I need a love letter, or even anything more than a short “thanks for stopping by my blog” comment, because I don’t. 

But if I have enough grace to stop by and tell you congrats, or make another comment, then by all the gods and little fishes have the balls to come see mine. I will be a debut writer one day, and who knows, I might beat the smarmy pants off your cellulite ass in sales and then who’s the one that’s sorry?

So just comment on my effing blog, man. I took the time for you.

/rant OFF

Dear Universe

I don’t want a lot. I know sometimes it may seem like it, but I’m really an easy to please girl. How about we make a deal? You help me with a couple of things and I promise to add more positive energy to the world.  Here are my couple of things:

– Take care of my husband. He’s having a tough time with a certain health issue, and it’s wearing him down. He needs some good news.

– Help my mom find the strength to leave him. It’s twenty years overdue.

– A certain friend is deserving of something she wants more than her own breath. Make the seeds in her fruit extra fertile and strong.

For me, just to see those I love happy and healthy. Oh, and to figure out how to make this book rock.

What will I do in return? How about random acts of kindness, express my gratitude more and respect the world around me? I think that’s a good start. So, do we have a deal?

One step forward, two steps back

Mercury is in retrograde, my dear friends, and as I sit here, I contemplate what I should be doing. Is it an effort in futility to try and accomplish something that seems unachievable? I must remember that one year ago I never imagined to be so close to achieving what I’ve so longed for. I think I need to take advantage of this moment and not move backwards or lose momentum, but look backwards and fix those things that have been long in need of repair- my manuscript being one of them

So, please think good thoughts of your ladymoor. I’m going to need it to get through this next phase.


…for the sparse posting. The LM and I have been insane busy this last couple weeks, what with everything, so we’ll be back soon. 




The first snowfall elicits memories of innocence and feelings of euphoria. It’s fresh and soft, pure and new. Eventually, the snow hardens and darkens. It’s treacherous and causes anxiety. Finally, the snow melts and disappears. Its disappearance is a relief with a tinge of sadness. 

I enjoy watching others enjoy the snow. But I’m ready for warmth and sunshine, shedding clothes and reveling in the sticky summer nights.

My biggest, hugest goal this year?

Positive thinking. 

That’s what my main goal is. Looking at everything positively. 

Positive thinking and envisioning. 


That is my goal.

Happy New Year and all that

They say it better than I ever could.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

New Year’s is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions.
~Mark Twain

Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year.  Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols. 
~Thomas Mann


This world is full of idiots. Yeah, they think it’s so funny, but to all those who understand the meaning behind it, well, it’s just sad and pathetic.

Rough decisions over here

Anybody else having them?

How about this one: my agent is ignoring me, three others are interested so I’m going back in the query game? I’m done waiting. 3 months is enuf.

Nobody told me this shit would happen. That sometimes, they just start ignoring your emails, not returning mails you send. Not giving you the revisions and stuff they promised. 

For someone that believes in the fairness and justice of all things, I find my belief in humanity is tarnished. 

So I read my cards…and a more positive one I think Ive never had. 

I did a universal 6


Justice how you feel about yourself now (Justice)

You are feeling that things will go your way, you believe in fairness and justice in all things. If you are considering partnership issues, personal or professional, dealings will go well. Perhaps you are about to sign a contract or legal document, this will be beneficial to you. If someone has done wrong to you it will be put right and you will feel justice has been done.

Strength what you most want at this moment (Strength)

The cards suggest JKB, that what you most want at this time is to find the strength and will power to see you through and achieve what you want. It is important to come from a place of love and tolerance though, and not aggression. Put your fears to rest and develop a positive attitude and you’ll reap richer rewards.

The Empress your fears (The Empress)

You are feeling insecure, perhaps have money worries, as a parent you may have concerns over your children, or perhaps it’s an unplanned pregnancy. There are people around you who love and care for you and they will give you support. Try not to be over protective and do not resort to emotional blackmail, it won’t do you any favours.

The Sun what is going for you (The Sun)

The Sun is shining on you, it’s your time for success, joy and happiness. You will feel confident and full of vitality. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, perhaps enjoy a well-earned holiday, a time of pleasure and good news around children or the conception or birth of a longed-for baby. If you are not feeling this way take heart, you will enter this period soon.

The Lovers what is going against you (The Lovers)

Are you suffering in silence in an unhappy relationship or feeling very lonely? Do you have the courage to make the decision you really know you should make? You have a great sense of duty but are you happy? A difficult decision has to be made – have courage and you will achieve emotional happiness.

Wheel Of Fortune outcome (Wheel Of Fortune)

Expect life to change and quickly. Fate, destiny or synchronicity, call it what you like, positive change and good fortune is evident here. If you have important choices to make trust your intuition. Do you feel that events seem to be evolving without much input from you? If so trust it and go with the flow.

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